7 Songs to Embrace
and Empower Your Moments

The following 7 songs are selections from the Catalogue to empower your moments. I believe in miracles is an open heart expression of lost joy, and the encouragement of God through nature and the voice of Jesus. The Cross is raised, rouses our Christian faith with a reminder of the power of the Cross and revives in the proclamation that once again the Cross is raised. This is where you belong, speaks to those estranged from loved ones and home. In many ways it is a modern day rendering of the parable Jesus told of the prodigal son. Easter Mary / Tomorrow the day that you can’t see, gives an insight of Mary, the mother of Jesus’ in breakdown after the Crucifixion but also sings of the healing and joy that the tomorrow, the day that she can’t see will bring and offers the same hope to us in our own trouble. I’ll be singing, affirms to sing praises to Jesus by His grace through heartache or happiness. No other place to go, is inspired by the 23rd Psalm and written during the pandemic - the title says it all. You bring me joy, is simply a love song to Jesus.
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You bring me Joy
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This is where you belong
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I believe in miracles
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Easter Mary / Tomorrow the day that you can’t see
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The Cross is raised
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I’ll be singing
No other place to go