About Ruthie - in others' words...

Ruthie Thomas

  • …She comes from a Pentecostal tradition that influences her style of composing with its freedom in structure and in performance and subtlety of melodic ornamentation. However, she has grafted onto these roots many aspects of other styles and, more importantly, her own unique experience of life. This she manages to distil into songs of great beauty. Her work is at once simple and profound…

    — Rev Prof June Boyce-Tillman PhD —

  • …the craftsmanship and the mastery of the English language is so overwhelmingly beautiful…

    — Cross Rhythms —

  • In Ruth’s songs we find a freshness which gives warmth to any heart

    — Gillian Ruth Warson PhD —

  • No one encountering the music of Ruthie Thomas can surely fail to be moved by its passion, honesty and distinctive vision of the power of Christ in our World

    — Stainer & Bell —
    from the Songbook ‘You Can’t Keep A Good Song Down’ 2015

On writing for children...

  • I particularly admire the way you are able to enter into the mind of a schoolgirl

    — PD James —

  • I believe that Ruthie deserves all the support that can be given to her as she contributes to the musical and religious life of our country

    — Canon Michael Butler —