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Come and let me sing for you.Vocal and GuitarF009£2.40
Do you believe in Jesus.Vocal and GuitarF010£2.40
If you come to Jesus.Vocal and GuitarF011£2.40
I’ll Be Singing.Vocal and GuitarF012£2.40
Sweet Peace, like a river.Vocal and GuitarF013£2.40
Blissful Starry Night.Vocal and Guitar - ChristmasF014£2.40
Heaven’s Joy.Vocal and Guitar - ChristmasF015£2.40
Easter Mary.Vocal and Guitar - EasterF016£2.40
Gently lift My Soul.Vocal and GuitarF017£2.40
I Believe in Miracles.Vocal and PianoF018£2.40
Pilgrim’s Chorus.Vocal and GuitarF019£2.40
Precious Jesus.Vocal and GuitarF020£2.40
This is where you Belong.Vocal and GuitarF021£2.40
Winter will bring good CheerVocal and Guitar - ChristmasF022£2.40



1. Song of Boaz
2. The Song of the Robin Easter
3. Something in Me
4. Oh Mary Where is your Baby - Easter
5. You Can’t Keep a Good Song Down
6. Jesus Loves Forever
7. The Cross is Raised
8. Come ye to the Waters
9. He is the song in my heart
10. Keep your eyes on the sun
11. Blow that silver trumpet Gabriel

No one encountering the music of Ruthie Thomas can surely fail to be moved by its passion, honesty and distinctive vision of the power of Christ in our world. This anthology You Can’t Keep a Good Song Down takes its title from one of Ruthie’s most engaging lyrics, which seems to encapsulate the irrepressible essence of her music, presented here in its richness of feeling and style.

Stainer & Bell

Whether for solo singing, music group or congregational participation, You Can’t Keep A Good Song Down is a collection with something for everyone. Each item present an opportunity for imagination and improvisation. It is a collection to be sung and enjoyed from the heart.

Worship Live Issue 63

A varied, innovative collection that does not necessarily fit any single category.

Hymn Society Of Great Britain And Ireland

Codir y Groes

(The Cross Is Raised)

Hymn from Wales - Welsh translation by Arfon Jones
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Individual Songs

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  • All for You (I give my life to You)
  • Angels in the City
  • Cheer Up Little Sister
  • Come Eat and Drink (Drink of Me - I am the living Water)
  • Falling of the Night (It’s the falling of the night)
  • Hallelujahs in the Room (Boom, boom, boom)
  • He’s Here
  • Last Night I Slept on Angels’ Wings (sung to the tune of Greensleeves)
  • Little Sparrow
  • Mama Maria (Soothe Me Mary) Christmas
  • Millennium Harvest (I was standing by my window)
  • Moment by Moment
  • No You Won’t Get to Heaven
  • Safely Home (Little children, little children)
  • Salvation Shores (Come sing, come dance, come feast)
  • Santa Maria (Hail Mary so full of favour)
  • Stir Sleeping Souls (Forward in the life before you)
  • Sunshine in Your Face (Sometimes the tears steal down and cry)
  • The Song of Naomi (Naomi’s Lament) (The Lord has cried)
  • The Song of Ruth (I will never leave you)
  • Through the Storm (Tonight the sky roars a thunder)
  • Till We Become Like Little Children
  • Tired and Hungry (I have been travelling a mighty long time)
  • When Jesus Grows Up (When Jesus grows to be a man)
  • You Are A Shining Star (Oh what a blissful night) Christmas
  • You Bring Me Joy